We’ve been using Corefix fixings

We’ve been using the new Corefix fixings from Metex for a while now on nearly all our dot and dab / drylined wall hung AV installations, the clever thing is they are really easy and fast to install and as they’ve been load tested to over 250kg, we’re really confident that once even the largest TV is up on the wall it’s not going anywhere. To fit them you simply drill a 10mm hole through the plasterboard into the masonry to the depth of the plug and tap your Corefix plug in until the flange is level with the board, then tap your steel core into the plug until it sits flush with the plasterboard, finally use the screw provided to attach your wall mounted TV  bracket. They produce a neat video showing exactly how it works please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNoLhyy_VXY&feature=youtu.be